Monday, August 13, 2007

Back Among the Land of the Blogging

Right. So... I'm back.

And No, I don't want to talk about it.

My head is screwed back firmly in place, and all is well in my world once again.

So, let's recap:

In the past month and a half since my last real post, I've...

joined Weight Watchers and lost 8 lbs.

I'm seriously ecstatic about this. Last week, I put on a pair of pants for the first time in 2 years. I was jumping around like a freshman that just got invited to the senior prom. It was like someone just told me I'd won the lottery.

Seriously ecstatic!

Or Mentally Deranged.

I have no weight goal beyond fitting back into two dresses that I have hanging in my closet. So, whenever I hit the happy number that allows me to put on those dresses and zip, sit, and breathe all at the same time, I'll call it a done deal.

walked what feels like a million miles.

My mom and I are still doing our morning walks whenever she is in town, which has been great.

faced the fact that I seriously need to rejoin a gym.

But, so far no decision has been made as to which gym. I think I know. But, I'm not quite ready to commit. For now, I'm just enjoying the decent weather. And maybe in a month or so, I might join. I'm thinking that a gym membership might be a great thing to ask for as a birthday gift. *hint, hint*

stopped being in denial about my knee.

I've finally faced the fact that my knee just plain hurts most of the time, and refraining from running has done nothing to actually help it. So, I've made an appointment for next week with my primary doctor to get a referral to a specialist. I think my running days are probably over for good. But it would be great if I could actually walk or bike (or maybe just stand!!) without pain.

gotten insanely busy at work.

It's back to school time, so all the kids need their eyes checked. Which means I've turned into a walking zombie from being so busy for the past 3 weeks.

spent a fortune.

Since my basement is almost a done deal!! I bought my bar, ordered my counter top, got the carpet replaced (finally!!). So, in a matter of weeks it should no longer be a construction zone.

And, faithful reader, I do believe that has you caught up with the world of runnergirl. Thanks for staying tuned!