Monday, October 2, 2006

The New Plan

The current status of the ankle is that I can run 2 - 3 miles before it kicks in. If I stop as soon as the pain starts, there is no residual effect. But, I am unable to run farther than that no matter how much I might want to.

I was hoping by now to have some idea of when I could start really training again! I've been wanting to pick a race and get back in the game.

I realize I'm being overly anxious and extremely impatient, as the doctor said 3 - 6 months recovery, and it's been a little over 2....

but I can't help it!

I'm anxious to get back to running again. But, at the same time I am busy. So, without a training schedule to follow, I haven't been doing much of anything. I have decided that I need some extra motivation to get me moving again. So I have given myself a new goal, and a new plan.

So far this year I have ran just under 350 miles.

The goal...

By 11:59 PM on December 31, 2006, I want to have made it 500 miles.

The plan...

If I divide it out evenly it works out to be 11.5 miles a week. I think that is manageable, and if I struggle a little on the front end, I'm hoping the ankle will be better healed in the later weeks and I can make it up.

I'm also going to FINALLY get myself that new pair of shoes in the next week or two.

So, wish me luck. Call me names. Give me a guilt trip. Bribe me. Resort to blackmail. Whatever it takes to help push along on my new path!

Here's to having a new goal!


  1. that sounds like an excellent goal! you CAN do this!

  2. don't beat yourself up over the 500 mile goal.

    you're injured.

    If you can't give up on the 500 miles, adjust it to consider a pro-rated amount for the time you missed healing, say 2 months. That's 83.33 miles, or 417 miles for the year. Take out your 350 so far and you only have 67 miles to go.

    i have a thing for working numbers, sorry.

  3. good luck! that's a great goal. and i like the way mike thinks!

  4. She shoots! She scores! It's great to have a goal. I know you can do it.


  5. What a great goal, but please be careful.

  6. Get the new shoes, do what's manageable, and stay in tune with what your body is telling you. Great goal, you can do it! I'll be looking for your progress reports!

  7. It's great that you are able to run...even if it is only a couple miles at a time! I know I would be satisfied with that for a while! Take care of that ankle!

  8. It's always good to set goals. Good luck! We'll be pushing you along the way, so no slacking off!

  9. You can TOTALLY do that. I know you can.

    So lets talk half marys in the spring. We must get together for one sometime!!

  10. Awesome goal...and a very smart one too.

  11. I love goals! Good luck on yours!

    As far as the wish list for 1/2 to run next spring, is there any specific region you would like to stick to? GA has it's inagural ING in March and the weather is spectacular here then!