Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Seeking Advise

Calling all runners...

This means EVERYONE, even you lurkers out there.

I need some help.

My ankle IS going to get better.

(please, oh please let it be soon!)

And when that happens I'm going to need a race in mind. I'm thinking that I want to do another half marathon in the spring/early summer 2007, because even if the ankle takes the whole 6 months to recover, there will still be time to train for it.

So, come on guys.... show me some love and toss me some ideas.


  1. :D Can I convince you to join us where ever we end up going?? We're still debating...but hope to know before the end of the month!

  2. How about the Flying Pig marathon in Cincy? I think it takes place in May and is supposed to be very well organized.

  3. Well... if I can keep up with my running and doing long runs on the weekend..I would like to do the Country Music 1/2 marathon in April ... down south! There's an idea for ya!

  4. Second vote for the Country Music. I have done the half twice and the full once. Not sure what 07 will bring.
    There is also the Tom King half a month before it that is FLAT!! Not as big as CM.

  5. I've always wanted to do the Napa Valley Half - I think it is in June/july - you run from Napa to Sonoma and there is a wine festival at the end.
    Hope I can do it some day.

  6. My vote goes to the flying pig on May6. I'm going for the full marathon

  7. We're thinking of doing Nashville in April. Did the Oklahoma Memorial last April, which was nice.