Sunday, November 12, 2006

Queen of Indecision

I've turned into a total slug! My current exercise regimen for the past week has consisted of walking to the fridge and uploading pictures to my myspace page.

Not exactly productive, but there you have it.

I need to pick a spring race! I need to have a race to start training for.

I need a schedule to follow!!


I just can't seem to make up my mind about which race to do.

Do I want to run a large race? or a small one?
Do I want to run one close by? or make a vacay out of it?
Do I want to run a race I've already done? or pick a new one?
Do I want to run a race with a lot of RBFers? or go it solo?
Do I want to pick a flat course? Or am I up for the challenge of hills?

There are just so may choices. And this runnergirl seems to have turned into the queen of indecision.



  1. So many little time. Which races are you considering? We can help you make that decision for you.

  2. How bout pick a bunch of 'b' races.. smaller ones, shorter distances.. Then pick the big one you want to do next year, say, a marathon or half..
    the smaller races will give you short term goals with the eventual focus on your A race.. that's what i'm doing :)

  3. Here's what I would do:
    Run a small race with hills close by that you haven't done

    ... OR...

    run like a 10K or HM on a flat course a little further away that you haven't done!

    Just my 2 cents! I too am feeling a lack of motivation...but not in my school work. It stinks..big time!

  4. Start small and build up to bigger things at the end of the year, I say.

  5. Hey........I'm on that same training regimine!

    And wait...I'm having a similar decision debacle with the spring half mary.

    Oh how I long for Hawaii... :sigh:

  6. I vote for small things in the spring and then bigger later in the year. It is hard to decide what to do!

  7. Small for spring, long for fall.

  8. Start small. I just got over my fear of 5k races (I knew I just couldn't come close to PR of last year...i'm 1 minute off) Now I have completly lost my mind and am thinking of running a 10 miler (after I swore last March that I would never run another race over 3.2 miles) Go figure.

  9. My personal vote is to sign up to do the Maui 1/2 Mary...with me! :)

  10. Finding the right race will provide motivation.

  11. Come and run The Eugene Marathon on April 29th 2007. We are expecting numbers for all the races in the 4,000-5,000 range.As the race director I can promise you a good time with plenty of entertainment and a fast and flat course.