Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beautiful Day

Sunday was a beautiful day!

I went out to breakfast wearing a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to fit into for quite a while. I got them zipped for the first time in months! I couldn't breathe in them, but whatever.

Then I went to a bridal shower wearing a skirt that has been hanging in my closet for months, but I haven't been able to wear since I bought it. I love to buy clothes when I'm at a lower weight, so I go a little nuts. Then I sometimes gain weight back before I can even get around to wearing all the clothes I bought. Stupid habit, but what can I say. So, it was great to wear my "new" skirt for the first time.

This losing weight thing is turning out ok. I seem to have hit a plateau the past few days, but I'd be thrilled to stay where I'm at through the holiday weekend.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a much needed escape to Michigan's upper peninsula for the holiday. It should be fun, but the Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream will probably be calling my name loud and clear the entire time I'm up there. Not to mention the smores, peanut butter fudge, and pasties.


I'll do my best to resist the temptations.

I've decided that I am walking the Mackinac Bridge on Monday, ankle be damned. I'll crawl across if I have to. It's just such an amazing experience that I don't want to pass it up.

Here's a picture of the bridge from last year.

So, my friends and fellow bloggers, enjoy your holiday weekend and run a mile for me!


  1. Nice job on the weight loss. If the temptation keep calling TOO loud, you can have a sample of one of them just to get it out of your system. Having one s'more is better than five of them.


  2. Have a great weekend. Hope you are able to make it across the bridge.
    Congrats on getting back in to the jeans and skirt. It is funny how fast I get rid of "fat" clothes but I hang on to those "skinny" clothes forever just hoping to get back into them.

  3. I do the same thing with clothes - i think all women do. Enjoy your trip and take it easy.

  4. Goodluck with the bridge! I will be thinking of you! :)

  5. Okay, I totally feel like a horrible blogger. I had no idea that you had an injury! And to think that you nursed me through my ostepenia diagnosis. I am so sorry.

    But, I did have a similar injury to yours (the pereoneal tendon). And it actually made me so much stronger when I finally came back...and now I'm still nursing this broken foot but am able to run/walk at a moderate pace.

    Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been supporting you like you did for me...I hope you have a great weekend! And that bridge looks fabulous to walk across! Oh, and congrats on getting back into the jeans and skirt! Such a great feeling!!!!!

  6. Mackinac island sounds like SIN CITY!!
    I am SO jealous of your weight loss. that is really remarkable. Yay for you and good luck on the bridge walk!

  7. Holiday weekends are MADE for indulging (just a little). Have a great time!

    Good job on the weight loss.

  8. Nice work on the weight loss!
    Walking the bridge will burn all the extra calories!!
    Enjoy yourself!

  9. Who needs to breathe in jeans??? Thats's just silly! Good for you!

  10. a milion congrats and a pat on the back for the weight loss! once your ankle heals, you'll be light as a feather, ready to run faster :)