Monday, September 4, 2006

Vacation - Part One

Over the big bridge, and through the woods,

to Mom & Dad's we went,

for a fun filled weekend in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

We could dwell on how much weight I probably gained back (I don't know because I'm too scared to stop on the scales), or on how many Mackinaw Island Fudge Ice Cream Cones I had (three), or on how much fudge I ate (1 1/4 pounds), or on how many smores I ate (four), or on how many pasties I consumed (one). But all of that would just be too depressing.

So, instead....

We will recap the fun stuff I did on my vacation. No running was to be had on the trip, but miles and miles of walking was done!

Day 1 started off on Thursday morning with a trip to Mackinac Island, were we spent the day hiking around and viewing the attractions.

We made friends with the butterflies at the Butterfly House

We climbed about a million stairs...

to see Arch Rock.

And we looked around Fort Holmes.

The island has many hills to walk and sets of stairs to climb, and by the time we had to catch the ferry back to St. Ignace I had walked about 8 or 9 miles and was completely exhausted. But in a good way! It was the first time that I had really felt spent since my ankle injury. It felt great to get out there and push myself to keep going when I could feel myself getting tired.

Day 2 began with a walk down my parent's steep stairs

for a 2 mile walk along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Followed by a day of wandering around Mackinaw City checking out the shops, where we probably walked another mile or two. Of course, the only time the entire weekend that I actually did my hair, and we didn't take any pics. Figures!

The afternoon was spent napping and working on a puzzle and the evening was spent around the campfire eating smores.

During the first two days of the trip, we walked 12 - 13 miles, and both my knee and my ankle did just fine. I didn't hear a peep out of either one of them, which made me very happy.

to be continued...


  1. sounds like a wonderful vacation.
    Glad to hear you had no ankle/foot problems with all the walking.

  2. Ahhh..sounds like fun! What a great way to finish the summer!

  3. Awesome pics!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  4. How fun! I love going to the UP, and those pictures reminded me of some childhood family vacations.

    Glad to hear your ankles held up!

  5. Great pics. Sounds like you had fun!