Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Training Schedule

I have a schedule!!

For once it actually wasn't too hard to come up with.

Probably because I have been thinking about it for a looonnnggg time!

I had it about halfway complete when I caught the cold that just wouldn't quit, followed by the bladder infection from hell, followed by yet another cold that is still lingering as I sit here, that caused me to rearrange my race plans and nix the idea of running the Sarasota half.

As usual, the schedule is my own made up concoction based on my work and life schedule along with my goals for the race. Of which there are only two:

1. Finish the race

2. Finish the race in 2:42:31 or less (making it a faster time than I ran last year at the Indy Mini)

I think that is doable if I just stick to a basic training schedule and get the miles in. So, that's the kind of schedule I have designed... one that will increase my mileage from what I ran while training for the Indy Half, without adding any of the speed stuff which I fear will make me hate the training.

The only thing I am going to add this time around is some hill training. Every running route I use ends with a gradual incline up the road to my house. And every run, I get half way back and start dreading that darn hill.

If it can even be called a hill.

It really is just a very gradual incline. But, I hate the fact that it feels like my shoes are filled with cement as soon as I hit it. So, I have decided that I need to do some hill work to battle that demon.

And just for jeanne, the new blogger is better than I expected. Many of the things that I observed and thought I would not like are options that I was able to change. I like some of the new choices for the layout design and it seems pretty user friendly for my computer unsavvy self. I like how the spell checker functions much better, and it even now recognizes blog as a

Imagine that!

As to be expected, there were a few negatives... When I switched over it kicked out some of my side bar stuff and I have yet to add it back in, and for some reason I am unable to get my countdown counter to resume function. I have also apparently aged 218 years while I wasn't looking because my profile now shows me to be 250 years old.

But, damn do I look good for my age!


  1. girl, i feel ya on the hills! good luck with the plan! :)

  2. You should be able to win your age group now right? How many people are actually in teh over 200 age group?

    I also find that tempo runs don't really feel like speed work but do work to improve speed. Just an observation from someone who hates speed work :-)

  3. Good luck with your schedule. It's always nice to have a plan, isn't it?

  4. Congrats on getting your plan in place!!

  5. Awesome goals. Good luck with the schedule.

  6. What a cool time goal for the HM. GL GL GL with your new schedule. Keep feeling better!

  7. You look WONDERFUL for being 250 years old! Just WONDERFUL!

  8. Congrads on the new training schedule.

  9. nice plan! and thanks for the blogger info. that's just as i feared: i'll lose all my cool sidebar info. I guess I can just save the template and try to add it all back in later..?????

    and remember: you're only as old as you feel!

  10. Congrats on the schedule...that's an important part of training! BTW, I still refuse to switch to the new blogger. Maybe one day, but for now, NO WAY!

  11. good to see ya back at it...