Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm Home

I made it home safe and sound after a very enjoyable trip. It was a little iffy there for a bit if I was actually going to make it home yesterday. The final leg of my flight got delayed for 3 hours and they were discussing canceling it all together. But, it finally took off and delivered me home!

We had a blast! We drank a few too many bottles of champagne, took a few too many naps, got a little too much sun, and ate way too much food. But we had tons of fun!

I even managed to run a few miles on the treadmill on the ship.

Now, that was a weird experience! I was actually having a hard time staying on the treadmill. Between the ship rocking and watching the waves outside the window I felt like I was going to topple off the side of the thing!


  1. welcome back

    glad you had a nice trip.

    congrats on the rolling miles

  2. Well welcome home! Glad to hear you had a good time.

    You know, I think that whole treadmill running on a boat thing would have made me sick. :x

  3. I can only imagine the difficulty of running while on a ship! I have a hard time running and watching tv sometimes!

  4. Welcome back. I am glad that you had fun!

  5. welcome back.

    i can imagine it would be hard running on a ship!!

  6. I'm getting quezzy (sp) just thinking of running on a ship. Glad you h ad fun.

    hey I like mr stick man (commenter #2 hee, hee)

  7. welcome back and glad you had a great time.