Friday, January 13, 2006

Those OTHER Days

Every runner has days where they actually want to run. Those days where you have a problem you want some time to think about or you want to pound out your frustrations or you crave that runner's high. And then there are those OTHER days - today was one of those. I was standing at my window looking out at the rain arguing with myself. "I should go run." "But it is raining outside." "I really don't mind running in the rain." "But I'm tired and a nap sounds better." "It is warm out, and I got off work early and have the time." "Oh alright, I'm going." Usually, that's the hard part, but not today. I set off and at the tail end of the first mile, there is an incline. In a car, it would barely register that you are going up hill, but today it felt like I was trying to run up Mt. Everest. I got half way up and wanted to wait for the next car to hitch a ride back to my house. But, I kept going and finally hit my stride - at the end of the third mile. I only ran 4. It was a long run. Today, the best part is that it's over. On a happy note - I remembered my kleenex. Fundraising: $70 donated - Thanks Nicole, Doreen, Carrie, Linda & Debby!

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