Saturday, April 22, 2006

Motivated by Matthew

Someone left a comment on my last post regarding the definition of a runner, and it got me thinking.

It was basically a two part definition. The first part being that to be a runner you have to dedicate time to running. Ok, I'm with you there. The second part, stated that as a result he/she improves her endurance. Whoa, wait a minute. Back up.

Here's the issue. I don't believe that all runners are created equal, so to speak. I believe that there are essentially two type of runners. I'll call them "exercise" runners and "challenge" runners.

The "exercise" runners, run for, yup you guessed it, .... exercise. They are perfectly content to go out and run a few miles a few times a week to stay healthy and in shape. They have no concerns about improving their speeds, increasing their mileage, beating their PRs, training for events, or building endurance. They run because it is a fast and easy form of exercise.

Then you have the other type. The crazy ones. The ones like me. You see, for me running is not exercise. Sure, I burn some calories doing it. Ok maybe a lot of calories. Something like 100 per mile. But that is of no concern to me. What matters to me is that two days ago I ran 13.1 miles for the first time ever. And today I just ran my fastest 3 miles ever. And tomorrow or the next day, I will reach yet another accomplishment. I run for the challenge of seeing how far I can go. But not everyone does, therefore, I can not convince myself that to be a runner you have to improve your endurance.

Anyway, onto ramblings of a different topic.

The half marathon is two weeks from today. I have to admit that Thursday's run made all the difference in the world for me. I went from being terrified, to being excited, because now I'm sure I can do it. Because, hey, I already did!

To motivate us on race day, our honored hero Matthew made us charms to wear. It is pictured below attached to my Garmin. It is a little red heart with an M on it.

Today was the first day I ran with it on there, and it must have worked because I had an incredible run. So, thanks Matthew!

I set out to run 3 miles, and I wanted to try to pick up the speed a little bit since my last run was so slow.

I actually ran my fastest 3 miles ever, at 30 minutes and 5 seconds. I was trying for under 30 minutes, but didn't quite make it. I shouldn't have stopped for that car! If I'd have know it was going to be so close I would have made them wait for me to cross the road first! It was still an incredible run and 10:00 minute miles are pretty darn fast for me! Look out Indy, here I come!

But, don't be expecting any 10 minute miles, 13.1 miles is a little harder than 3!

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  1. Heartening to read your Saturday post, Michelle--stay with it!!

    Vera E.