Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 4: Run Recaps

My run recaps have felt a bit all over the place so I'm aiming for some sort of consistency with these posts.

I dug out an old pair of running shoes and gave them a whirl.  My ankles definitely felt better during the run. Unfortunately they have been pretty sore most of the week, so I'm not positive if it was an actual improvement.  I've been trying out some new tunes while running, but the jury is still out.  It gets boring listening to the same play list over and over, but after logging so many miles I've created a pretty awesome one with just the right pick me up songs right where I need them.

Mile 1 11:28
Mile 2 11:35
Mile 3 11:49

Hubby joined me for today's run, mostly because I didn't get started until after 10:00 PM, and I was concerned about running alone.  I don't think he was thrilled, but he didn't complain.  I keep half expecting to come home to a new treadmill sitting in the living room so that he no longer has to keep me company on the late runs.  I was still testing out the old shoes and the new tunes on this one, but still no decisions.  This run did feel really good though.  I finally feel like I'm back in the 3 mile grove, where the distance is comfortable and I'm not wishing for death when I'm done.

Mile 1 12:17
Mile 2 12:05
Mile 3 11:58

It isn't very often that I don't complete a run, but I didn't complete this one.  It wasn't because I couldn't, it was because I didn't want to.

Let me explain...  Do you ever get a bad feeling about something, just out of no where?  One that makes absolutely no sense, but you can't shake it no matter how hard you try?  That happened to me as I was preparing to go out for this run.

I've mentioned it before, but I started running regularly back when I was living in Mississippi in the late 90's.  It was hot, humid, and just plain miserable.  So, to get around it I ran after it got dark.  After doing it for so long I developed a love of night running that has stuck with me. Running at night has always felt like a peaceful escape for me, but it doesn't feel like that here.  I don't live in a bad area, but it isn't necessarily a good area either.  Running after dark here makes me nervous and I feel like every sense is on overdrive, constantly on the lookout for any sense of danger.  But with the insanely hot Phoenix temperatures running after the sun sets is pretty much a necessity.

As I was getting ready to run, I had this overwhelming sense of dread about going out alone.  I don't know if my fear was exaggerated because hubby was out with a friend instead of home like he usually is, but I just didn't feel right about leaving the house.  I thought about taking one of the dogs, but the one who will run just had surgery a few days ago and I didn't want to risk taking her, and the other one hates running and I didn't want to torture her.  So, I set out on my usual route, but I just couldn't shake the bad feeling and turned back toward the comfort and safety of home early.  I made it 1.65 miles of my planned 3 miles.

Mile 1     11:25
Mile .65  7:05

As soon as I stopped running both of my ankles started instantly hurting again, even though they felt fine before and during the run.  My right one is hurting so much that I've been limping and taken to wearing my brace from my old ankle injury (which was my left ankle so this isn't a reactivation of that).    So, I decided to skip Sunday's 3 miles and give the ankles an extra rest day.  We'll see what Tuesday brings.  Fingers crossed that this ankle thing is short lived or I just might have to cry!

Fundraising: $20 donated - Thanks Laura & Ray!!

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