Friday, August 14, 2015

Between the Goals -----> Success!

I'm quickly deciding that I was a bit too ambitious with my second weight loss goal of losing 10 lbs.  The scales haven't been moving much all week and I'm feeling like I am NEVER going to make it to goal #2.

In order to cheer myself up, I'm celebrating a little non-scale victory.

I have a right hand ring that I had made several years ago.  I like to wear my rings fairly loose, and I let the salesperson convince me to have the ring sized smaller than I should have.  As a result it feels tight a lot of the time and it annoys me, so I end up taking it off when I gain a little weight.


I'm happy to say that I am wearing the ring again!

Go me.


  1. Sometimes it's the little things that are the big victories. I'm glad you see some positive changes with your weight loss.

    1. You couldn't be more right. Thank you!