Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week #2 Check In

How are we halfway through August already?  I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by!

Water: I'm still hanging tough on the daily water consumption, although I did miss one day mid-week when I was out of the house all evening. When I got home, I had to pick between guzzling a ton of water before bed, resulting in many groggy bathroom trips or a good night's sleep.  In my life, sleep always. wins. out.  ALWAYS.

Weight Loss: I've completed two weeks of South Beach diet and I'm down a total of 7.2 lbs. The weight loss really slowed down this week, which is to be expected, but still makes me sad.  My second goal of losing 10 lbs is feeling a little too daunting and like I'm never going to make it.  Sigh.

I also had to fight harder to staying true to the diet this past week, and I gave in to that movie theater popcorn craving I mentioned last week. The first two weeks of South Beach are quite restrictive and I am soooo bored with my options!  That being said, I'm still committed to my weight loss goals, and I'm determined to keep plodding along.  Today starts phase two, where I get to add more foods back into my diet.  Yippee!

Community: I'm still reading all of the posts from the bloggers on my blog roll.  I haven't been at it long enough to really 'get to know' anyone yet, but there are a few blogs that I'm already really enjoying.

Running: No runs for me this week.  Our temperatures have been 111°F - 115°F all week, and there has been an excessive heat warning, where they tell you to stay inside as much as possible.  I may be crazy, but not that crazy.  So, no running for this girl until they lift the advisory.  Man oh man do I miss owning a treadmill.  I've really been pondering the idea of purchasing another one as soon as I can afford it, but I have no clue where we would put it in our house.  (I sure do miss my old house in Indiana with my huge bedroom and basement!)  Even though I haven't ran, we still did get out for a 1-2 mile walk with our fur babies almost every night.

Overall, a pretty good week!

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