Friday, August 7, 2015

To Face Lift, or Not to Face Lift...

that is the question.

It had always been my habit to give my blog a face lift when I started training for each new race.  Of course, I haven't actually trained for a race in years.

and years

and years.

So, this little ol' blog has had the same design for a really. long. time.  In some ways I'm tired of it and want to redesign it in honor of my attempted return to the running world.  At the same time, I sort of want to keep it the way it is because it brings back such great memories of my running past.  But maybe that isn't necessarily a good thing.  I've been spending way too much time feeling melancholy and nostalgic about my past life and wishing I could find a rewind button to go back to the happier time.  So, maybe a fresh start would be good for me.

Knowing myself, I will probably end up changing it eventually, so I'm adding a photo of it to remember what it looked like back in my running glory days...

In other news, I went for a brief run this evening.  I managed to sneak in a run (mostly) between rain showers, so the humidity was much higher than usual but the temperature was much lower.  I got a bit wet at the end, but I have to admit it felt great. We don't get much rain around here so I actually didn't mind being out in it.  I made it a mile and a half, which seems to be my go to distance as I get started, but that's a-okay.  I'm all about doing what feels right for now.  I did walk a bit during the last half mile, though.

Mile 1 12:21/mile
Mile .5 12:57/mile

Temp: 86° F

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