Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blown Away

I met one of my team in training teammates at the YMCA to run 3 miles on the track today. For anyone not familiar with their track it is a 1/8 mile loop - which means that I ran in a little circle 24 times to make up my 3 miles. It was a good thing I had my watch on to count the laps or I would have completely lost track! It actually was pretty nice being able to run inside in the warm, but not be on my treadmill. However, it just proved to me how slow I really am. There was a guy there about my age who was running, as well, and he passed me at the exact same places on the track every single loop. So, he was running 2 loops for every one of mine. That made me feel just great! And then this little old man, who was probably in his 70's, started passing me, too. When I was all done I checked my pace and found out that I did the run in just under 30 minutes. That is a fast time for me to run 3 miles - I think it was the old guy that got me moving! But, it sure made me feel like a slow poke. Oh well, my only goal is to finish the race and they give you 4 hours or so to complete it. I'm planning to meet another teammate on Tuesday to run outside, so I hope the warm weather is back by then. It's nice running with other TNT members to help keep my motivation up. Otherwise, I probably would have opted for a nap today instead.

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