Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Learning to Breathe

When I first started running, it was always my breathing that brought the runs to an end. When I started to get tired I would try to take full deep breath to get more air, and it would freak me out when I couldn't do it. I would start paying too much attention to my breathing and feel like I was trying to suck the air in and out, but still wasn't getting enough. So, I would end up stopping because I felt like I was about to start hyperventilating. I finally learned to stop doing this and I have been fine for years, but having this cold and not being able to breathe very well is bringing back those memories. I managed to make it the whole 3 miles today, but just barely. It's a good thing it doesn't normally feel like this or I think I'd toss in the towel. Fundraising: $130 donated - Thanks Jim, Lisa & Deana!

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