Monday, February 27, 2006

Night Runner By Nature

I love to run at night more than at any other time of the day. Ten o'clock rolls around and I start getting this itch to run. It feels like it is in my blood and I can't make it go away unless I put on my shoes and hit the pavement. There is just something tranquil about running at night. It's quiet and peaceful - just me and my thoughts. I like the feeling of being swallowed up by the darkness. It feels like I am just unplugging from the world. It's just me and the road. I think this is probably one of the worst thing about winter for me. Since I am such a cold weather wimp, I never run outside at night in the winter. I just can't take the cold. So, I've been running inside on my treadmill for months and I think I'm getting cabin fever. Come on spring!! Fundraising: $40 donated - Thanks Dave & Barb!!

I added a guestbook to my site. The link is over to the right. Please take a moment to sign it and say hello so I know that you stopped by!

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  1. Hi Michelle--Admire your efforts. Your journal is interesting reading. Wishing you all kinds of success in meeting your goal, as well as for Ryan.

    Vera E.