Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bye Bye Blisters

My blisters are gone! Yeah.

Today was the first run since I started back that didn't end with my feet covered in blisters. And my beloved calluses are well on their way be being back. Yipee!

Now you've really heard it all, right? Someone celebrating the return of calluses!

The comments on a previous post were full of wonderful advice about how to prevent blisters. But the ironic thing is that it has never dawned on me to try to prevent them! I guess I just view them as a rite of passage of sorts. I just grit my teeth and resign myself to the fact that for the first week I am going to hobble around on sore feet. After that the skin has toughened up enough that I no longer get any blisters.

So, 3 more miles have been added to the log book, and hopefully the last of my blister filled runs have passed!


  1. Nice job on the 3 miles...and gaining new calluses! I hate blisters! I haven't had them since my 8 mile run I did this summer... I can only hope that they don't return when I bump up my mileage!

  2. Glad the calluses are a welcome sight:-) Hope those crummy blisters keep healing up!

    WTG on the 3 miles!

  3. you're tougher than me...i try to avoid blisters and calluses as much as possible!

    wtg on the the 3 miles!

  4. I know what you mean about blisters being a rite of passage. I was damn proud of mine after my first marathon!

  5. Thanks for dropping in and say hi :_)