Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What Are You Made Of?

"I am a runner."

I say that to people, and sometimes I feel like a fraud. I mean, yes, I run. But does that really make me a runner?

Do I run fast enough to call myself a runner? Do I run long enough distances to call myself a runner? Am I dedicated enough to call myself a runner? Since I've never ran a marathon, can I call myself a runner?

What defines what "a runner" is? Is it a set number of miles? Is it a certain state of mind?

With all these questions running through my mind, I've been feeling the need to give running my all lately. I've been feeling the need to prove to myself that I do, indeed, still deserve the title of runner.

Come on, you know what I'm talking about.

There are times when we need to see just exactly what we are made of. When we need to leave it all out there on the road behind us. When we need to give it everything we've got.

Just to see exactly how much that is.

We may all have our own reasons for doing it, and our own means of accomplishing it, but there are times when every runner feels the need to test just what they are made of.

For me, last Thursday's long run was one of those runs.

Because, let's be honest here for a minute...

If you were to look up the word slacker in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of me sitting there, on my butt, grinning back at you.

And I just might have a bowl of ice cream in my lap.

I used my ankle injury as an excuse to be lazy for the past 6 months.

And I really don't feel very good about that!

So, now that I'm getting back into running, I needed to see just where things stood. I needed to bare it all and lay it all on the line.

I needed to see where I am,

and just how far I have to go.

So, even though the run was only 5 miles, I gave it everything I had to give. And I ran it as fast as I could. And I didn't stop until the very last gasping breath that took me sailing over that 5 mile mark.

And the good news is that I'm in better shape that I was expecting.

The bad news is that my calves were so sore that I could barely walk for 3 days!

So, even though our weather has been gorgeous, I haven't gotten out there to see any of it. I did manage to hobble through my 3 mile run on Saturday evening. But, all I did was add insult to injury, and decided that maybe skipping Sunday's 4 miles was a good idea since I was pretty much limping by then.

So, this afternoon a leisurely 4 miles is planned where I am expecting to enjoy some wonderful sunshine!

The high today is supposed to be around 70 degrees.

They are predicting snow on Saturday.

Does anyone else see a problem with that?


  1. Yes, the weather forecast looks very goofy. Nice job on the run.

  2. Yeah, I have a problem with the weather forecast, but I am NOT complaining, since it was 60 today here:-)

    Bravo on the 5 miles, and on seeing what you are made of. You ARE a runner!

  3. You are a runner!!!!!!!!!!! Great job on your run!!

  4. good for you, chica! only you can define yourself as a runner.

    and even runners eat ice cream and rest when they're injured :)

  5. I ask myself some of those same questions. Yes, you are definitely a runner! Great job on those 5 miles!

  6. Your questions and doubts are what we've all encountered. I think the term can be redefined from one individual to another.

  7. We all have our doubts at times... but we're definitely runners and someone could say athlete too =)

    Great job the 5 miler!!

  8. To tell you the truth, I have asked myself these questions before... multiple times. Sometimes I feel as if I should not be considered a runner. But, I think that it doesn't matter if you run every other day, every day, or twice a day; or if you run 2 miles, 5 miles or 10 miles at a time; or if you run 8 miles a week, 15 miles a week, or 50 miles a week; it is the fact that you are getting out there and doing it. You are a Runner. Don't ever forget that! We need to remind ourselves that we cannot compare ourselves and our accomplishments or lack-there-of to other "runners". We need to look at what we have accomplished, how far we have come, and where we want to go. Good luck, runner!

  9. It's all about the mindset and source of motivation. A true athlete is smart enough to listen to their body and knows when to heal. Even true athletes get discouraged and sometimes lazy, but the motivation eventually wins out. You are what you believe you are. Plus, you now have 500 points from me, for whatever that's worth ;)