Thursday, March 15, 2007


The "4 mile leisurely run" that I had planned for Tuesday afternoon turned into the 1 mile torture session from hell.

I made it less than 1/4 of a mile and my calves started to cramp up. I stopped and stretched them out, but as soon as I started running again they started cramping again. So, after repeating that process a few more times, I decided to toss in the towel and give up after a mile.

I'm giving myself today off, and hopefully tomorrow my legs will be willing to cooperate for the 6 mile long run that is supposed to occur this week.

Since the running seems to be on a fast track to nowhere, I decided that it was a good time to concentrate on other things. So, I've been getting up early every morning to do some ab work and have been getting myself back into the habit of drinking plenty of water. I'm also trying to convince myself that since I'm back at the training, maybe I should start making friends with a vegetable, or two.

I woke up this morning before it was light out.

That tends to happen when you go to sleep before 9:00 PM!

I made my customary bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and wandered upstairs to the computer. I ate my breakfast, checked my email, and read a few blogs. By then the sun was starting to make an appearance, and I proceeded back down the stairs to go do my sit ups.

I got halfway downstairs, and was able to see out the window next to my front door.

Holy @#*&! Where did that white crap come from?

I knew they were predicting snow for the weekend, but when I went to sleep last night it was raining, not snowing!

I heard that our high on Tuesday was 76 degrees. Today the ground is covered in snow.

I think Mother Nature must be suffering from PMS!

Do you ever have one of those 'Oh my god, what the @&*$ did I do?' moments?

Where you made a snap decision about something..... not something extremely, critically important or life changing.... but something that maybe you should have thought about for a little longer than the 10 seconds you took to make the decision?

Yeah. Well...

I went to get my hair done this morning.

{Are you sensing the impending doom?}

So, I tell my stylist that I'm getting bored with my hair and have been thinking about doing something new.

I tell her that I'm liking the color of it, since we just changed that a few months back. But, I've had the same cut, more or less, for a long time. So, I was thinking about doing something different.... thinking how my cousin and the girl I work with both just cut their hair much shorter, and it looks so cute.... thinking maybe I should cut mine. Blah. Blah. Blah.

But, I don't really like having short hair when I run. I like to be able to pull it back into a ponytail. I hate having to put in a million bobby pins to keep it off my face.

But I'm so tired of it. I feel like it's flat and lifeless. I've had it the same style for a long time. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I just don't know what to do, I tell her.

Poor girl!

So, she says to me...

"Well, we could cut in some bangs and bring all the layers up. It'll still all go back into a ponytail, but the shorter layers will give it more body. And you'll just have to put a bobby pin in to hold the bangs back."

After about 5 seconds of consideration, I say," OK. Go Ahead."

So, she colors my hair, and then proceeds to cut it, dry it, style it, and then hands me my glasses and turns me towards the mirror to look.


I feel like I'm in kindergarten!

I don't think I've had bangs since, oh I don't know,..........NEVER!

Sure, I had the huge "mall hair" bangs back in the 80's that stood a foot off my head. But I don't think I've ever had real, lay across my forehead, bangs combined with the rest of my hair being longer. If I ever have, I certainly don't remember it.

And it's not that I don't like it.

It's that I look in the mirror and feel like I don't even know the person looking back at me! How can a few snips of the scissors make me feel like I've lost my identity?!?! And it isn't like the rest of my hair is that different! It's got a few more layers, but it's been like that before. It's basically the same as it's been for the past 6 years, except for the bangs.

I know it'll grow on me! My hair stylist said she felt the exact same way when she cut her bangs a month ago, and now she loves them. She was teasing me that I was going to send her a myspace message in 3 days telling her that I love my hair. Just like I always do.

And she's probably right.

Once I stop wondering what the #&*@ I did to myself!


  1. omg...i so wanted to chop off all my hair on monday and thankfully the salon didn't have an appointment...i still don't know whether i want to cut it since i'm supposed to be growing it out....

    but i'll bet your hair looks FAB! and it just takes a bit to get used to seeing the new you!

    post some pics chica!

  2. Ah yes, Adventures in HAIR! I always have to redo my hair after I leave the salon, hope that is all it takes for you to like you 'do!

  3. A) Your calves are tightening up... are you drinking plenty of water throughout the day?

    B) The snow... yeah, we just had that happen to us as well..

    C) I am sure your hair looks gorgeous! Are you going to shar a pic with us?

  4. Came by to say hi! Enjoyed your half marathon report from last year. You did great. Still looking for that marathon on your plan?? Must've missed something between July and this year, eh? Sorry to hear about the snow and your hair! Good news, is they both will go away with time :-)

  5. Post a pic! I'm dying to see! I had a experience like that last month...I told my hair stylist that I wanted to grow out my hair, but we began gossipping. Next thing you know, my hair is short, with a ton a layers and not at all what I wanted. I do like it now tho (but still want to grow it out).

    Wow..snow and 70 degree weather. Sounds like my ideal!