Thursday, March 22, 2007

Progress Report

Yoga class on Tuesday was great!!

It really was a true beginner class - probably the most basic I have ever taken. Sometimes you just never know! It may say beginner, but often times there are individuals that have taken the class a few time before, so the class is taught at a semi-beginner level to try to teach the newbies without boring the old timers that aren't quite confident enough to move up a class level.

The instructor spent a lot of time talking and explaining things for the first part of the class, which was good for a number of reasons. I actually picked up quite a few pieces of new information and insight that I had never learned before.

Starting with the basics is a great refresher for me and it is all coming back easier than I thought it would. I may not remember the names of any of the poses, but my body seems to remember how to breathe and how to flow from pose to pose. I'm really glad that I signed up for the class, and I'm hoping that it will continue to go just as well as the first evening did.

My boyfriend asked me a few days ago how my training was going for this race. Since he had asked, I actually stopped and thought about it which I really hadn't done. I was mostly just trying to get my head back in the game, and taking it as it was coming with out evaluating it. What I decided was that this time it hurts more.

I feel sore-er (is that even a word?) than I ever have along with more little aches, pains, and twinges than before. It's not a feeling of major pain or anything that I think is serious and it is never in the same spot. Just some rumblings from my body letting me know that it's not completely happy with me.

I don't know if I am pushing too hard, but I don't feel like I am. Or if my body is just having a harder time getting back into the groove. Or if I am just paying closer attention, looking for any sign that my knee or my ankle are going to start to give me problems so I am now noticing things that I wasn't before. But I'm encountering a new experience with it all, instead of thinking to myself that I want to stop because I'm tired, I'm thinking that I want to stop because my knee, ankle, hip, feet, back, etc, etc, are uncomfortable.

Well, my morning was supposed to consist of a 6 mile run outside, before I leave to go out of town until Sunday. Unfortunately, I have the feeling that no running will be done by this runnergirl while I am away. I will be spending the time catching up with one of my best friends while we scrapbook to our heart's content. Which usually means sitting in one spot without moving anything but our hands and mouths for days on end, combined with too much, bad for us food, and no sleep.

Instead of my 6 mile run outside, I'm hoping to get it done on the treadmill before my power goes out! I woke up to a dark looking sky. Which quickly started casting down rain and lightening and making my house rumble with the thunder. My lights have flickered twice in the course of my typing, so I do believe it would be wise for me to end my post earlier than planned before I lose power and my computer crashes.

So, until next week...... Happy Running!


  1. I hope you were able to get those 6 miles in before you leave for the weekend.

    Sometimes our body gets sore and it is a good sore. I know with previous minor injury to my leg, I have been quite cautious to not over-do things. I think if it is just muscles soreness, that is okay, as long as you adequately stretch and give it "rest-time" to heal. Any other sore feeling could be the result of overdoing and not enough rest as well. Have a great weekend scrapbooking!

  2. Hope that the run went well. Great job on finding a good yoga class.

  3. It's hard to run while visiting--you're smart to get in miles before hand. I love yoga'll find it mixes well with yoga.

  4. Yay, scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great way to get your body feeling better:-) GL on the treadmill and with the electricity!

  5. I had the same problem after I came back from my broken foot...I was very very very aware of every ache and pain. After a few months of non-injury running, it all started to slowly fade away!

    Have fun scrapping!