Friday, March 17, 2006

Life Is Good!

I had all the intent in the world to do my long run yesterday, but it just didn't happen. My day ended up being crazier than expected and I didn't get to it in the afternoon. Then, I had a doctors appointment that, of course, took longer than expected. I walked out of the office a little before 6:00, and took a deep breath as I stepped out into the air. I was thinking that it felt pretty good - cold, but not biting. I was looking forward to going home, lacing up my shoes, and tackling my 7 miles. However, the weatherman had other plans. I had barely gotten in the door, when I turned around to look out the window and it had started snowing - Huge flakes, coming down so fast it was almost blinding. So, much for the long run. I draw the line at snow. I will brave the cold, and the rain, and the heat, and the sun, but no snow for this girl. Uh un, no way.

Well, with the option of an outside run eliminated by the sudden blizzard, it left me to contemplate the treadmill. So, I did. For about 2 seconds. And decided against it. The treadmill is great. I love to run on the treadmill, but for 7 miles in a row? It sounds like a fast trip to a mental break down, and I'm close enough as it is. So, I thought to myself......let's wait and see what the weather is like on Friday.

Fast forward to today. I decided that I needed to seek advise regarding my shin issue, so I went back to the local running store to discuss it with the staff. The very helpful guy at the store assured me that I wasn't all of a sudden rejecting my much loved shoes. He said that he thought I was doing too much training on concrete (yes, guilty as charged!) and I need to do more of it on grass. Ut oh, major problem. Is there anyone out there who HASN'T seen me roll my ankle or trip over the slightest little bit of uneven ground? As I was standing there with images of skinned knees and broken wrists flashing through my mind, I mumbled a weak "ok". He must have sensed my hesitancy because he then said "Well, you could train on dirt trails instead." Ok, now were talkin'. I can handle that as long as there are no tree roots to plot against me. He told me where some good ones are around here, so I'm going to have to scout out some new places to run. In the mean time, I asked him about treadmill running. He said that the impact of the treadmill is similar to what the trails would be.

So, I came back home, apologized to my treadmill for the bad thoughts yesterday, and we made up ~ For 7 very long miles, without one tight leg muscle to be found! None. Nada. Zilch. Zip. WOO HOO!!!!! The only muscle that was tightening up was my bum right shoulder, but I'm used to that. That I can ignore and run through. There are not words for how happy I am right now!! Fundraising: $50 donated - Thanks Hal!

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