Sunday, March 26, 2006

TNT Social

Today we had a team social for TNT, which was organized by one of the team mentors (Great job, Cheryl!) It was at a gaming place where they had board games and Xboxs. We all got to meet Matthew and his family, and spend time getting to know each other a little better. I took my boyfriend along and I think he enjoyed it more than the kids did! When I finally drug him away from the Xbox (an hour and 45 minutes after the social was supposed to end), I told him that I sure didn't see much of him while we were there. His response was that he needed to spend time with Matthew or else he wouldn't have had anyone to play Xbox with. (Somehow Matthew's dad, brother, and the children Matthew's own age didn't count.) But Matthew reappeared many times throughout the afternoon to get some pizza or cake or to talk to us, but my boyfriend wasn't with him. Hmmm, Interesting. Let me guess. He was keeping the controllers warmed up for when Matthew came back.

When we got home from the social, my boyfriend and I ran 3.25 miles through my addition. Today's run was one of those runs that I dream about. It felt perfect ~ no aches, no pains, no problems. It barely even registered that I was running. My mind kept drifting in and out while my feet were just moving along. Kind of like when you are are driving and all of a sudden you are home, but don't remember the stops and the turns. Before I knew it I was back home and the run was over. I think I have found the secret to making 3 miles feel easy......... run 8 miles four days earlier. Compared to that 3.25 felt like a short stroll in the park!

I sent my mentor application in to Amy today, so we will see what happens. Hopefully I will be chosen for one of the positions. I know I sound crazy, but I really want to keep training to do a full marathon! I've decided on Chicago. I think an all women's marathon would be amazing to participate in, but I know the hills of San Francisco would do me in. I really have no desire to go back to Philadelphia, so that leaves Chicago.


  1. ooh ooh!! when do I get to go again?!?!

  2. oh, and just for the record... Matthew & I kicked the other team's butt by 40 frags. :)

  3. What the heck is a frag?!?!

  4. well, according to wikipedia:

    Frag: a computer and video game term of a killcount, frequently used in first-person shooter deathmatches.