Sunday, March 5, 2006


I seem to be still fighting off those sick bugs that I mentioned earlier in the week. I still don't feel 100%, but I haven't gotten sick, either. I'm chalking it up to the fact that this is always my worst time of the year for my allergies and I've been out of one or the other of my medications for the past two weeks. The new laws regarding the dispensing of certain cold and allergy medications are driving me nuts. I have to wait until I only have 2 days worth of pills to get a refill, but I don't always have time to go pick them up in those two days, so I keep running out. Then my allergies start acting up and it's harder to get them back under control. Grumble, Grumble.

I did manage to do my 6 mile run on Friday evening. It was a little exhausting, but no more so than all the other long runs, the nap must have helped. And the good news was that my legs weren't sore at all and my knees didn't ache the entire time. I did run pretty slow, though. I watched the ENTIRE movie, When Harry Met Sally, during my run. If that gives you any indication how slow I was going. I kind of like watching movies while I run. It distracts from the aches and pains. Do you think I can attach a portable DVD player to someone in front of me at the half-marathon so I can watch a few movies while I plod along for 13.1 miles?

The Tastefully Simple party was a huge success today. We got to sample lots and lots of yummy food, visit with wonderful friends, and raise money for a good cause. I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who attended and helped support me and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LSS). And I want to say another huge Thanks to the consultant, Renee, for donating to me. Since I opted to forgo the normal free items that the hostess gets, Renee agreed to donate 20% of the sales to LSS. The final numbers aren't in, but together we raised around $80 today. So, thanks everyone!

I highly recommend this running like a mad woman thing to anyone out there who loves to eat. Now that my mileage is starting to increase I am finding that I am turning into a bottomless pit. I have been pretty much inhaling everything that looks good to me and I still somehow lost 3.5 lbs in the past week. So, I guess I better go run my 3 miles to work off all of the yummy Tastefully Simple goodies that I have been munching on all day. (That's really the best part of hosting a party - you get to eat all the leftovers!) Fundraising: $50 donated - Thanks Doug & Linda

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