Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Oh No, I've Turned into one of THOSE People

You know the ones I'm talking about....those insane people you see out running at 5:30 am in the middle of a thunderstorm or at 7:30 pm in the middle of a blizzard. The ones you drive by, while you are all warm and dry in your car, and your head snaps around to look at them as you drive by and think to your self. "What is wrong with him?" Or "She must me insane." "I can't believe he/she is actually out running in this weather." Well, folks, it's official. I have joined the ranks of THOSE people. I meet my training partner at the Y, as has become the routine on Wednesdays, to run the treacherous 3 mile hilly course. And he wasn't feeling quite up to dealing with the cold and wind and suggested we run inside today. Well, I didn't really feel like running around and around in a circle 24 times. Plus, Wednesday is the only day where I force myself to run outside in the elements and on some fundamental level I must enjoy the torture of the hills since every week I keep going back for more. So, I insisted that we run outside, saying it really wasn't that bad out. HA! We had literally taken 2 steps and I felt a rain drop hit my lip. About a tenth of a mile in it was coming down pretty good. Of course I had my glasses on, and between them fogging up and the rain covering them, I couldn't see for half the run. And by the end it felt like my clothes had gained an extra 10 lbs of water. But we made it through and then went out to eat looking like drowned rats. We needed some sort of reward after the torturous run in the down pour! (OK, not really. We always go out to eat afterward. The truth is we are just both too lazy to go home and cook dinner that late when we are tired from running.) Now I think I am going to spend the evening reading in my jacuzzi tub! I am so cold I don't know if I will ever get warm again. I'm hoping the warm water will thaw me out. So next time you are driving by and see one of THOSE crazy people out running, look a little closer, it might be me. And if it is, stop and see if I want a ride!! :)

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