Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting Started Goals

As soon as I decide to train for a marathon, I set 3 goals for myself:

1. Blow the dust off my training blog

Perhaps it sounds silly, but I know from past experience that keeping this blog is a vital step in keeping me on track with my training.  There is going to come a day in the not too distant future that the only reason I drag myself out to complete a run is because someone out there is expecting me to write about it.  Composing blog posts in my head about how my run is going also gives me something to concentrate on and helps pass the time, especially during the long and/or especially excruciating runs.
2. Create a training schedule
Most marathon training schedules start off assuming that you can already run at least 3 miles.  And...  well... you see... the thing is... that's just a wee little bit of a problem, because that 2 miles I ran a few days ago?  Let's just say I'm still sore.  So there's that.  Plus, by now I know myself well enough to know my habits, both good and bad.  If I don't optimize my training schedule so that most of my runs take place on non-work days things are gonna get ugly.  All of that adds up to the need for a custom designed training schedule, designed by none other than yours truly.
3. Order myself a new ID from
I hate running with a bunch of extra stuff weighing me down, but it makes me nervous to run without ID or emergency contact information.  I used to always run with a shoe pouch and ID plate, but the info on my old one didn't even have my current name, never mind current contact information.  Let's just say that I highly doubt my ex-boyfriend would rush to offer assistance.  I was super stoked to find out that not only is the company still in business, but they still carry the same awesome products!  So, I was able to order myself a new updated ID plate.  Score!
I suppose I could have included start running as a fourth goal, but that seems a little silly now, doesn't it?

This week's 3 goals are:

1. Working on breaking that nasty pop habit I mentioned
2. Get. Enough. Sleep.
3. Personalize my Team in Training Donation Page (which can be found via the link I added in the side bar over there -->)

Training official starts today. Woo Hoo!

(Of course, Monday is a rest day on my schedule so it's a bit anti-climatic.)

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