Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I'm finding myself in an odd place as I walk back through a door that I thought I'd firmly closed behind me forever.  I'm reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances from my running days, and stirring up lots of good memories.  In many ways it feels like those days just happened, and I have to keep reminding myself that it has been 6 or 7 years since I've spoken to some of them.  In other ways it feels like several lifetimes have passed, and I can't believe that so many things are still the same.

Last night while I was out running, I was wishing that I knew someone to train with on Tuesdays.  Finding the motivation to run after work has always been difficult for me, and knowing that someone else is counting on me to show up is a huge help.  I found myself reminiscing about the midweek runs with my old training partner who I met when I ran with TNT the first time.  I decided to look him up on Facebook today, only to find out that he ran the Chicago Marathon last year and is thinking about doing another charity run again soon, too.  I was so excited to hear that he had resumed running again and had completed a marathon.

I'm anxious to meet the members of the Team in Training group for this season. Unfortunately all of the events seem to be falling on days when I'm at work or otherwise already committed, so I haven't had the opportunity to join in as of yet.  Fingers crossed that once I do, I will connect with a few fellow trainees and I can begin making some new memories with the people I meet along this journey.

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  1. Sure hope you can meet your TNT team members soon and create a new running community for yourself. Your dedication to your goals are an inspiration for the rest of us to get up and get moving!