Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Testing... Testing... Is This Thing On?

Can anybody hear me?

I've been wandering about the running blog world, checking in on all of my old favorite RBFers and I am so sad to see that almost all of them have either abandoned their blogs or simply deleted them all together.  The few that are still hanging on seem to be doing so by a thin thread, with posts every few months if even then.

Well, what did you expect?  It's been six years!

I know. I know. I guess I just wanted to live in a dream world where I was going to return to running and all of my old online running friends were going to be there waiting to welcome me back in with open arms.

Yes. Ridiculous. I know.

People change. Things change. Times change. It's the way of the world.

That doesn't mean I have to like it.

I was so used to belonging to part of an supportive online running community that since returning I sort of feel like I've been talking to myself. Not like that's new or anything.  And the realization is settling in that I'm going to have to dig in and do the work to connect with some new online runners and establish a new network and support system of other runners who also suffer from this same form of insanity that I do.


  1. Check out http://theperfectcompilationtape.blogspot.com/ for lots of sports related posts (sprinkled in with other good stuff!) from one of my buddies in Chicago. She's newly pregnant but posts a lot about her fitness and she loves running!

  2. Hi! It's been years since I've been here, all the way back when I was training for Chicago 2006. Running blogging community has changed in a big way since. Lot of fitness bloggers popped up in the 2007-2011 period. Now, a lot of conversations are happening on twitter and Daily Mile. Glad to see you've come back to running. It gives us all a lot.