Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Better Than Nothin'

As I stated this morning , I really didn't feel like running today.

I think I'm in a funk.

Not a running funk, but a life funk, and it's making me lethargic. I just don't feel like my normal self. I've been feeling kinda lazy lately, like I just don't feel like doing anything. If I knew why I was feeling this way, I'd fix it.

But that's the problem. I don't know what my deal is because I can't come up with anything specific that is wrong.

Anyway, the lazy funk is starting to catch up with my running, and I really must stop it.

So, after spending the whole day reading all of the comments from the wonderful RBF telling me to get my butt out the door, I finally did.

At 11:30 PM.

I may have mentioned once or twice,

or maybe it was three times,

how much I love to run at night.

I get up early in the AM, and a run sounds like pure torture. I start wondering if I can find someone to shoot me so I can avoid it.

But, it gets past 10:00 PM, and a run sounds like the best idea in the world. If only I didn't have to be to work at 9:00 AM, my world would be a happy place.

So, I finally laced up my shoes and headed out for my run. It felt a little humid, but over all was good. I could see lightening way off in the distance and actually kept hoping that it would let loose with a down pour, as running in the rain sounded pleasant.

And now that I am back inside, it's raining.


There is one house I run by that has a fountain in the front yard. I love the sound of that bubbling water. It is so calming and relaxing! Overall, a great run, albeit a short one.

The schedule called for 4 miles.

I made it 2.

Mile 1 10:40
Mile 2 10:25

Oh well.

It was my first run with my orthotics, and I am reserving my opinion for now. The good news is I think it actually did help with my knee since it felt fine for the entire run and still does. The bad news is that I felt like I was running with a large rock under each arch and it felt like my feet kept wanting to cramp up.

And now that I am done my ankles and calves feel achey. Like when I spend hours walking on concrete, like when I spend an entire day walking in shoes with no support, like when I've been on my feet at an amusement park standing in line all day. That kinda achey. I'm hoping that it'll go away as I get used to them.

But after 2 miles I'd just plain had enough.

I'll get a run in tomorrow after work, and add a mile or two on to Thursdays run and try to reclaim the miles.

The important thing is that I got back out there. And that's the first step.

I'd also like to add this little disclaimer:

I know in the back of everyone's mind is the safety issue of running at night.

But, let me assure you that I am as safe as can be on my runs. If I'm running more than 3 or 4 miles, I do them inside on the treadmill. I never listen to my music at night, EVER. And I run a .5 mile loop around my house. I live a mile and a half off of a main road in a neighborhood. If someone actually makes it back this far, they live here or are unbelievably lost. Quite honestly, I rarely see a car. The biggest threat are the dogs barking at me...

from inside their homes!


  1. I was initially thinking of your safety. I must admit. Every once and a while I see a girl running after dark here, and that makes me scared for them. I do live in the town where a college girl I new was abuducted in the mall parking lot, during the day, the week before thanksgiving a couple years ago... Does Dru Sjodin ring a bell?? Just BE CAREFUL! If I were you, I would run with a cell phone after dark... FOR SURE..

  2. I, too, was thinking of your safety, but as long as you're careful, there's not much more you can do.

    It angers me that we, as runners, or anyone really, can't feel comfortable going out after dark. Says a lot about where our society has headed.

    I'm going to invest in some pepper spray, if I ever venture out after dark.

  3. I have been running with orthotics for a couple of months now (some carbon fiber things) and must agree they feel like rocks!

    I found the best thing was to add a little distance each time you run - but slowly. I stupidly did a long run after a few weeks and ending up doing my leg in (and it was my foot that was the original problem)

    But stick at them - you get used to 'em :-D

  4. Good for you for going out and doing SOMETHING. Who cares that it was only 2 miles? You made yourself get up and go, and that'll ultimately make you a better runner. I find the times when I don't want to run at all are the days where I need to run the most. Just makes ya feel better...ya know?

    I completely know what you mean with the "life funk." Hopefully you'll shake it soon.

  5. Good for you getting out there! I like running in the dark but generally it is the dark of the morning. Good luck shaking the funks. I used to be able to shake a bad mood by running but now I know better than to try because I will end up fuming mad, in tears or something equally undesirable.

  6. so glad you got out there! yeeeaaah! good for you!! 2 miles is better than 0 and like you said, you'll make up the rest this week. sorry about the funk...keep on pushing forward it will get better


  7. Good job getting out there and running even if it was shorter than you planned. Good luck with the orthics!

  8. Way to go!! 2 miles is better than NOTHING. Bring your cell phone and pepper spray during your runs - just in case.

    Be safe

    - from a future police officer

  9. I bet it just will take a little bit for your feet to get accustomed to your new orthodics. I'm in the same boat!