Monday, July 31, 2006

Admitting Defeat

A week ago Thursday I ran 3 miles. When I was done, my left ankle started bothering me.

I got up Friday morning and the ankle felt a little stiff, but no big deal. I walked around a little and it loosened up and felt fine. So off on my 9 mile run I went.

By Friday night my ankle was killing me and by Saturday morning I literally couldn't walk on it.

I had an x-ray done and the doctor said it was bursitis. He seemed to think it would resolve quickly and told me no running for a week.

So, yesterday I tried to run 3 miles again.

It didn't go so well, to say the least.

I knew by .5 mile that things weren't quite right. By 1.5 miles, my ankle was hurting again. By 2 miles, I just had to grit my teeth and get myself home because I knew it was going to be ugly once I stopped.

And it was.

I stopped running and pain seized my ankle and it immediately started throbbing.

I came inside, stretched and took a shower. Half way through the shower, I couldn't put any weight on it.

I got out of the shower, sat down, and sobbed my heart out.

I have worked so hard for this. I want this so much and have for so long. And my stupid ankle isn't going to let me have it.

I'm not a strong enough runner to miss 3 or 4 weeks of training and still do this marathon. It's just not possible.

So, I'm giving it to the end of the week, and if I can't run on it by the weekend I'm kissing Chicago goodbye.

Then I'm going to get this @*&$# ankle healed, and I'm going to pick a new race and start over at mile 1 again.


  1. i know this is a crazy question, but have you seen a doctor yet??? of course, you've iced, and riced, and ibuprofened, but please go see a doctor. and if you have to start over, you can and you will.

    i know, cuz i do it every single day.

    don't give up on chicago...quite yet.



    Don't make me show your ankle who's boss (and it ain't Tony Danza...har har har).

    Please rest up, ice up, and get back to running soon.

  3. Don't give up yet - just keep taking it one day at a time!

  4. Sorry to see your ankle is playing up. I'm sending you positive energy from Oz. Hope it helps. :)

  5. CVS has those ankle "braces", they are stretchy and black and i wore one after my ankle was overtrained .. i found it helped a lot...

    DO take care of your ankle, and maybe talk to a doctor again, i know when my ankle went last year he said i could still walk/run.... but every situation is different, ofcourse. i'm sorry you are dealing with this!

  6. Have they looked into cortisone shots into the ankle? Otherwise, the only thing I can advise - take it easy. The pool should always be an option if needed. You can do the miles in the pool without the pain.

  7. There still is 81 days to go RG! Don't give up just yet. Maybe get it better and adjust your goal time a little? Good luck - even if it doesn't happen this time the benefits of your training won't be completely lost. It comes back quickly (so I'm told....)

  8. Don't panic yet. You ae a strong runner. First RICE is the key for the first 72 hours - Rest, Ice, Compression, elevate. Get the inflammation done.
    Second see your PT again he'll be able to help. There is still time.

  9. Oh no, I hate to hear that. Rest it up and maybe all is not lost for Chicago yet.
    Like someone else said swimming is great cross training without the stress.