Sunday, July 9, 2006

Update on the Knee

If you've been following along then you know that I have been having problems with my right knee for quite a while, and am undergoing physical therapy for it.

When I started, the physical therapist, Sean, said that he thought it would take about a month of treatment.

I just finished my third week, so at my last appointment I asked him where he thought we stood.

His response was, "Let's wait until next week. Then we'll see."

I don't think I like the sounds of that!

He gave me some orthotics to try while running, and I think he wants to see how I do with them before he makes a final determination. I didn't want to try them for the first time in the race yesterday, so I am planning on checking them out this evening on my 3 mile run.

I'm not expecting to like them, as I've had orthotics in the past. But, if it helps the knee I'm willing to give it a try.

My knee really is feeling better than it was before I started the PT. It still hurts some, but not like it did. If I do all my stretches and ice it when I'm done, then I am pain free for the rest of the day. Prior to starting the PT, it usually hurt for the rest of the day, and maybe part of the next.

I had been wearing a knee brace when it was really bothering me because it felt like it needed the extra support. My knee almost felt like it wanted to buckle under me at times, and it was more comfortable with the brace. I wasn't running with it, but was wearing it the rest of the time. I no longer feel like I need the brace and haven't had it on in a month or so.

So, I am seeing progress.

But, it still hurts when I run and I don't think Sean is happy with that. So, I am expecting him to talk to my doc and request more PT visits. Which I don't necessarily mind, it's just so time consuming and such a long drive. But Sean is awesome, so it's worth it.

He lives right around the corner from me. I keep trying to convince him to do home visits for me.

So far he's not buying it.

I think it is because then he couldn't torture me with the bike.


  1. aww...i hope it starts cooperating with you soon. running with a nagging injury is no bueno.

    big hugs to you, lady!

  2. have you been able to do any aquatic therapy? I had an issue with my rebuilt knee a few years ago and the therapists had me work in a small pool in her office.

    t'was amazing