Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm a Slacker!

It is 7:30 AM.

I have been up for 45 minutes.

I should be out running.


I feel stiff and sore from sleeping for 11 hours.

Yes, I slept for 11 hours last night!

Plus, I'm starving, because I went to bed without dinner.

I want to go eat everything in the kitchen.

Well, almost everything.

I'm not quite hungry enough to try the cat food.

But, I've already skipped Sunday's run.

I really must not skip another.

But yoga really sounds so much more appealing.

Yes, yoga, I think.

I can run tonight. Right?

Tell me to stop slacking.

Remind me that those 26.2 miles, won't run themselves.

Make me get my butt back in gear and GET BACK OUT THERE!


  1. Get out there and RUN! You can do it! But, don't beat yourself up you have been doing an awesome job so far and yoga is great cross training.

  2. JUST DO IT! ....

    Did you do it????

  3. GO RUN...I slacked this morning too, so now I have to run after work! :( Why oh why am I not a morning runner?!

  4. Ya know...if you don't run...you might be kicking yerself at mile 22. :)

    But if you DO run...you'll be passing me with flying colors.

    Sometimes you just need to listen to your body and hold off on a run and replace it with Yoga instead...and then again, sometimes you just need to get out there and just run the shit outta it. :)

    This morning I didn't run, because Mike and I are planning on doing 6 tonight...but the weather is complete and total crap right now, it best be clearing up soon!!

  5. Reminder: Those 26.2 miles won't run themselves....

    Sorry. You asked for it :)

    Now get your butt back out there! Do it for all of us on the sidelines reading blogs for inspiration!

  6. I guess I am a little late to the game and hopefully you got the run in this morning but if not you better do it now ;)

  7. Go out there and RUN. Get something to eat and get out there. I will be waiting for an update report on your run.

  8. by just doing it you will reap the benefits at some point because you got out there! now don't slack or you'll lack! lol, sorry i hope that helps


  9. Can you schedule your runs when it is easier for you to run them?

    I presume by now you've already run! So...I'll say good for you RG!!

  10. I've been a slacker with my morning runs this week, too. Wow! 11 hours of sleep. That sounds sooooo good!

    Hope you got out for your run. Getting out the door is always the hardest part!