Saturday, July 8, 2006

Runners on Parade 5K Race Report

This morning I ran the Runners on Parade 5K, and am very happy to report that it was MUCH better than my last race.

Here's another unflattering post race picture.

My goal was to finish the race in under 33:00 minutes, because I was thinking that I wanted to try to keep constant at 11 minute miles.

Yeah, great plan, but...

I forgot about the .1.

How could I commit such an offense???

I know about the .1!

I get a little grumpy when people short change my half marathon by saying I ran 13 miles.

NO! I ran 13.1.

Give me credit for my .1! It was the hardest part.

And today, I forgot the .1!


So, I remembered the .1 about half way through the first mile. I was cruising along and all of a sudden it hit me.

"Crap! I forgot the .1! I'm going to have to pick up my pace to make my goal time."

And that's just what I did.

My left shin was not cooperating right from the start, but I just ignored it and kept plugging along. I was trying to watch my Garmin and pace myself. I felt like I was doing pretty good.

My biggest issue was that I was feeling pretty dehydrated almost instantly. I'm sure I didn't drink enough water last night or this morning, and the race started at 8:00, so it was already getting pretty warm.

I kept hoping for a water stop, but no such luck at this point. So, I just kept running, dreaming of when I would see those cups tossed all over the street off in the distance.

I came upon a posted time clock and it read 9:58. I looked down at my Garmin and it said .75 miles.


Now that's weird. Why would they do that? Put the clock at .75 miles instead of at the mile marker.

Well, who knows? We are down town, and the streets are narrow and full of parked cars along the sides. Maybe they couldn't fit it at the mile marker.

So, I start thinking, "9:58, with a quarter mile to go. I better pick it up."

So, I ran my heart out for a while, and keep looking down at my Garmin. At one point it was giving me that dreaded WEAK GPS SIGNAL sign. At another it read that I was running a 16:15 mile.

UM. I don't think so!

At that point I realize that my Garmin isn't working quite right with all the trees and tall buildings and decided to ignore it.

I finally hit the ONLY water stop at the half way point and chugged my little heart out.

And instantly started choking.

I really must work on this little problem of mine, as it seems to be my routine for the first water stop at all races.

I hit the next posted time clock and it read 19:45. I pull out my ear phone and scream to the guys standing there........"What's the distance?"

"2 Miles", they shout back.

I give a wave of thanks and shove the ear phone back in.

2 Miles? 19:45? Me?

No freakin' way I'm running under 10 minute miles with my shin feeling like this, and feeling so dehydrated.

Ok then.

Obviously I was wrong and that first clock was at the mile marker, and my Garmin had just lost it's signal prior to that point and I'd missed it.

I was doing ok, but getting pretty tired. I rely way too much on my Garmin to pace myself. Without it, I ran the second mile way too fast, and I crashed and burned in the last mile.

We changed direction and came out of the neighborhoods and back into the main downtown area with all the buildings.

No more trees meant no more shade and it kept getting hotter and hotter. My mouth was getting drier and drier, and all I could think of was getting across the finish line to the water.

I felt myself getting slower and slower, and try as I might I just couldn't seem to speed up. I pretty much lost it at the end, but I came across the finish line strong.

My official time was 33:16.

Splits (to the best of my recollection!)

Mile 1 9:58
Mile 2 9:47
Mile 3.1 13:31

I missed my goal time by a few seconds, but the race was also chip timed. The chips were activated when the gun went off, instead of when you crossed the mat and I certainly didn't cross the start line immediately. So, I really was pretty close.

Plus, I set my goal time and forgot the .1.

If I had remembered, I would have chosen a slower goal time anyway.

All, in all, a huge success.


  1. Hey I wouldn't say that's an unflattering photo! You look pretty good there. Congrats on the race!

  2. VERY nicely done, hun!! :) I know how sucky the heat can be...but great job!!

    My garmin konks in and out, too. I've learned to just go by time/pace.

  3. Nice race!
    Do you walk through the water stops? I can actually stop almost so I don't choke and throw the water on me which is what happens when I keep trying to run/walk

  4. I totally agree. In every half marathon i've done, the .1 was the worst part.. cruel, unusual punishment. congrats on the run.

  5. Well done :-D and hello from the UK.

  6. Wow! Great job:) The heat always takes it tow in the end.

    PS When it comes to drinking at water stops, I too always end up gagging:)


  7. Great job and nice flattering pic too. I hate it when the garmin does its own thing sometimes. For me it happens when there are no trees/buildings involved. Maybe it's thinking it's doing me a favor.

  8. you go girl! and you are right, the .1 can sometimes SUCK THE MOST!

  9. YEEAH! good job! i know that dry mouth feeling from the start, agh.
    Way to go though! and great photo!

  10. That's odd the chips were triggered to go off. Hmmm...

    You did beating yourself up girlie!