Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Abyss

I picture this big black hole out there in space where all my lost miles go.

An abyss that holds those miles that I MEANT to run, but some how managed to let slip by because life got in the way.

Yeah, those miles.

Well, I'm starting off my official training by contributing my first 3 miles to the big black hole.

But you know what.......

oh well.

I am so not stressing over 3 missed miles.

Because, you know why?

There are going to be more of them.

A lot more.

Because, while I want to run this marathon, and I'm willing do to the work....

I am not willing to give up my life, or the people in it.

So, tomorrow I will reclaim those miles.

Or maybe I won't.

Either way, they'll be waiting for me in the abyss.


  1. I want to borrow that thought process. I need to work on my flexibility with training programs!

  2. Hmm, I like your approach? Can you be selective about what goes into the abyss though?

  3. haha :) girl, you've got the right attitude. a happy runner is a successful runner!

  4. I definately like that approach...I'm sure several of my training miles will end up in the abyss too. Thanks for the post too!!

  5. So that's where they go. Thanks for finding them. I was wondering about mine. And btw, I think you have your priorities right, for sure!

  6. Very timely post. I was discussing with a fellow runner friend today how our summers are going to be dictated by training. While that may be true for the most part, it's comforting to know that others will miss the odd run too...and that there's nothing wrong with it. Good stuff.

  7. Missing a run now and then, especially low-mileage ones done just for maintenance, won't hurt anyone, especially if they are canned for good intentions. It's the long runs you can't bail on and, unfortunately those will impact other people around you towards the end of training. It's just a fact of marathoning life.

  8. GReat attitude - can I contribute to the abyss?