Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reclaiming My Miles

I just got off the treadmill where I managed to reclaim those 3 miles that I tossed into the abyss yesterday.

I actually went 4 miles, so I managed to reclaim an extra one that got tossed in over the weekend, as well.

I'm hoping to reclaim 2 more miles over the next 2 days to put me on target for where I want to be for the week.

I managed to redesign my training schedule after Tuesday's PT Visit. I am basically following a modified version of Hal Higdon's novice schedule.

I need to modify it for two reasons.

The first being that I am running this 30K in September, and it doesn't fall quite right with the increase of miles for the long runs.

I am treating the "race" as a normal long run, it'll just be with a few hundred more people than I usually run with! I will NOT be racing! The 30K is in my old home town and I just couldn't resist running it. Any of you Michiganders out there running this?

The second being that my schedule is kind of nuts. My "weekend" is Thursday and Friday, and I work every Saturday. So Saturday long runs are out. Sunday is the only day that both my boyfriend and I are off work, so I try to spend at least part of the day with him. So, that really doesn't work so great for a long run on Sunday, either.

But, honestly I have no problem getting my long runs in over my "weekend" when the rest of the normal world is at work. It is actually the shorter runs that are harder for me to fit in during the rest of the work week.

So, because of my crazy work schedule, I have to shift the days around and actually start my weeks out on Saturday instead of Monday. It worked well when I was training for Indy, so I figure it'll work just as well for Chicago.

So, I have a goal. I have a training schedule.

Now if I can only survive the next month of PT torture sessions, I'll be all set.


  1. Teehee - I love that "abyss" theory! Oh, how we all fall into that hole, and never return...

    I hear you on crazy schedules! But seriously, those plans are made to be modified. As long as you stick to the principles behind it, the most important thing should be making it work for YOU.

    Happy training!

  2. yeah!! plans are great! and i hear ya on crazy schedules...i seriously count my waitressing shift as cross training :) but ya gotta do what works for you! lots o luck!

  3. I agree with Liv; I don't know a single runner who hasn't modified a trainign schedule in order to meet his or her life's schedule.

  4. OH NO! I've done that 30K. I didn't know you're from Milford. awesome. I'm currently in Novi, just a hop away.

    ok, back to the 30K. honestly, it's the worst race i've ever run. definitely, definitely plan it as a training run and not a race. roommate and I did it two years ago (maybe it's gotten better since?) and the race management was terrible. it was horribly expensive and we didn't even get a shirt, medal, anything. The roads weren't blocked off at all, and the course wasn't well marked, so we ended up having to stop at stop lights, wait for traffic to clear, and then cross the street only to find that that wasn't the correct way to be going. they ran out of water from mile 13 on... it was 87 DEGREES WITH > 80% HUMIDITY THE DAY WE RAN IT. that's just a recipe for heat stroke, seriously.

    ok... enough of my bitching. :) I don't know for sure if I'll be in town that weekend, but if I am, I have a 20 miler on the schedule so I MAY join you. but that's a big may. :)

  5. I love Hal's training program. Why is it that work ALWAYS gets nutty in the Summer? Why can't it be in the DEAD of Winter? Hang in there and have fun in your training. We'll be here waiting to hear every detail.

  6. o.k. to not be a stalker, i'll bite here.

    where's the 30K and when?

    oh good, another blog for me to stalk. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. all right.

    i am doofuss. if i had read all your blog i would see the 30k is in milford.