Thursday, June 15, 2006

Please Help Me

If you have been following my blog, you know that I started running with Team in Training back in January. Matthew, my honored hero for my first event, is pictured above. He is the one on the far left in the front row.

Matthew is an amazing young man, who has been battling Leukemia for the past 5 years. But even more amazing is the fact that he is a runner. Currently, he is training to run with his high school cross country team. Matthew's strength and courage continually amaze me. He is what keeps me going. When I am having a tough run, I just think of Matthew and tell myself that if he can do it, then so can I. If you want to read more about him check out his site.

Matthew has had a lot of special opportunities to do some pretty cool things with other kids battling cancer. The picture above was taken a few months ago when he got to go on a trip to Washington DC and meet President Bush.

Another fun thing that Matthew is getting to do is attend a week long camp with other kids his age. This camp has a tradition that any camper who receives five pieces of mail gets thrown in the lake that day. The past few years Matthew has received enough mail to get thrown in the lake every day that he was there. He currently holds the record for the most pieces of mail ever received by any camper there. So, we are trying to make sure that he holds on to his title again this year. So, if you can find it in your heart to drop him a quick hello, please do so.

He will be at the camp from June 18 - June 23. The address is below:

**address removed**

Thanks for helping us out with our evil, get Matthew thrown in the lake, plot!!


  1. Consider it done. :)

    Dropping it in the mail now...

  2. How fun. I will totally send a letter.

  3. Ooh...I have a card...Ooh...I have stamps...Now if I get to the mailbox on time!

  4. Thats awesone. I love hazing. Will do one tonight!!!

  5. How sweet! I'll get right on it! What a neat idea, BTW!

  6. Lol! That is so cute! I'll try to mail something in time :)

  7. Ah, how sweet. What a great post!

  8. Hey all you wonderful runners! This is Matthew's Mom, Nancy! Thank you all for the Camp mail! We were all successful. He was thrown in the lake many many times LOL! He also broke last year's camp record of 64 pieces of mail by ONE letter! It may have been from one of you!

    Thanks Michele for rallying the troops. Matthew says "you are in big trouble"!!

    Thanks again!
    Matthew's Mom (the originator of the Evil Plot)