Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A New Found Respect

On a completely unrelated side note....I am sitting at my home computer with my window open, and I can hear the children outside playing.

They are a sister (age 4) and brother (age 2). The girl is pushing a cart along the sidewalk and her brother is following her back and forth.

She just turned to him and said, and I quote, "Would you stop following me? You are giving me a headache!"


Wonder where she learned that?!?!

And onto today's post...

Today was my third day of PT, and Sean has devised a new way to torture me.

He thinks that it is necessary for me to "warm up" before his ASTYM torture sessions.

Could he be nice and generous?

Possibly allow me to warm up doing something I am comfortable with?

Something that I do on a very regular basis?

Something that I am used to?

Something that I am, dare I say, good at?

The treadmill, perhaps?


Instead, he put me on the stationary bike.

the bike?

Has anyone ever read a word about me and a bike on this blog?

Um, yeah.

That would be because.....

I. do. not. bike.

The bike and I?

So. not. friends.

The bike makes my butt hurt. The bike makes my thighs burn. The bike is my enemy.

I started out at a slow pace, with minimal resistance. And every minute or so, Sean walked by and turned it up.

By the end of 10 minutes.

Yeah.... I said 10 minutes.

10 pathetic, measly minutes, and I was covered in sweat, with my thighs burning like they had caught fire.

I was so out of breath that I couldn't carry on a simple conversation, and my heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my rib cage.

I got my ass handed to me by a 10 minute ride on a stationary bike!


And I call myself a runner?

I am so humiliated.


  1. Mabye if you try to embrace the bike it won't hate you so much. Just kidding, but we PTs do specialize in torture. If you were a biker we would have made you walk probably.

  2. haha! I too am not that big a fan of the bike. it's just... ugh.

    what does not kill us, makes us stronger. or something like that.

  3. What's that you say, mouse? Kill the bike and it will make me stronger. Hmm...good idea.

  4. OMG...the bike. That's not so bad. It would be the rowing machine...not my favorite.

  5. oh man i feel your pain! i HATE the bike. anything that makes your crotch hurt that much cannot be good for you.

  6. Honey bunny..you ARE a runner...not biker. Silly girl!

  7. Love those moments when you hear your kids quoting you.

    One year ago I HATED the bike, now it is just a dislike. Keep at it, it does get better!

  8. I have a certain love/hate relationship with bikes: I think you can love the workout, but hate the bike at the same time. I think it's like loving a person but hating their actions, not sure.

  9. The bike is generally my enemy. It is supposed to be easier than running but not for me. The recumbent bike, while still my enemy, is also my reading buddy and it tends to stretch me out for running.

    On the plane yesterday I was chatting with a 2 and 4 year old girl in front of me through the seat crack. The 2 year old tried to sneak a peak of me and the 4 year old wound up and smacked her across the face. After a retaliation slap the fight escalated and their mom's response: "SHUT UP". They weren't even making noise.