Friday, June 23, 2006

Extremely Disturbing

Someone just found my blog by googling the following words:

"torture schoolgirl pin rolling with shins"

And even worse:

my blog was the very first site that came up.

Does everyone else find that as disturbing as I do?!

On the running front, I FINALLY feel like my running is getting back to normal. I made it through two 4 miles runs this week without feeling like I was going to keel over. So, I consider that major progress.

There is a 6 miler on the schedule for today, unless I decide to run a 4 mile race this evening. I'm still undecided at this point. I'm not really up for a race in the rain, and we've been getting our fair share of it the past few days. So, I'm just going to wait and see.

If I do the 6 miles, it'll be the first longer run since I started back. I've set out to go 6 miles three other times...

and not made it!

Boo. Hiss.

But, I am feeling more normal again, so I am hoping that it goes smoothly.

I've been a little freaked over the running feeling so hard the past few weeks. I keep wondering how I am going to complete this training and the marathon if I'm about to die after 3 miles again. I really need to get a decent longer run under my belt to boost back up my confidence.

My knee hurts like you wouldn't believe, but for once it isn't from the running.

It is all bruised up from the ASTYM. While the bruising is making it a little hard to find a comfortable sleeping position, it isn't affecting my running. And yesterday was the first run that I have finished in 2 months without my knee hurting afterward.



I hope.


  1. Michelle-

    I am SO with you on needed a good longer run under the belt. My 6 is scheduled for Sunday and I pray that I can mostly cruise through it without any substantial pain.

    Also, I'm just about to play your "game"...:) FUN!

  2. Isn't it great to see progress? Good Job!

  3. How do you know what people googled your blog?

    Good luck on the 6 miler or the race. Maybe it will stop raining long enough to get the race in.

  4. Good luck with your decision today. I too am planning for a 7 mile run tomorrow, but since I didn't make my 6 miles last weekend, I think I will just shoot for 6!

  5. Okay Missy! Get some good sleep and make sure you run the first half of your 6 miles as a really easy pace. Looking forward to a positive report. If it's raining you get wet - is that so bad?

  6. LOL! NO it isn't so bad if I get wet. I'm not sweet enough to melt. :)

    But we have been having REALLY bad storms, complete with blown down trees and tornado sightings. I'm just not that brave enough to try running in that stuff.

  7. Tornedos? Ikes! We don't have those to deal with down here! Okay, you can be excused if there is a tornedo warning! Otherwise, enjoy and blog about how good it was tomorrow!

  8. Hi Michele,

    I just left a message in the previous post about Matthew's camp mail request. I'm not sure if anyone will go back that far to see it. It's on the June 15th post!

    Thanks to all the folks that sent mail to Matthew!

    Nancy, Matthew's Mom

  9. Why would anyone even google that combo of words? Don't answer that. Interesting treatment plan - I am going to read up on it myself let me know how it works

  10. My philosophy for this marathon training has been...if it's better than last week, it's improvement. Glad your runs are going better. Keep it up!