Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Pure Bliss

So, have you seen the movie "What Women Want"? The ad that they are making for Nike very much describes how I feel about running at night. "No Games, Just Sports." Yep, you got it.

There is just something different about running at night. Something that I never seem to find during the day. I don't know exactly why the difference. Is it simply the darkness? Is it the coolness? Or is it something else? I've never figured it out.

When I began running with any regularity, I lived in Mississippi. It was hot, and horribly humid, and the only time I was comfortable to run was at midnight. So I spent the majority of my time there running in the middle of the night. Which was rarely a problem, because I was in school and sleeping was something that other people did. I was always up at all hours studying anyway, and the running just served as a study break.

So, that started my long lasting love affair with night running.

My night runs are never planned. They are never part of "the schedule" for that would ruin them completely. They are never about the guilt of making up for a missed run. They are spontaneous, spur of the moment runs simply because the impulse strikes.

They aren't about the training or the speed. They aren't about the miles.

NEVER about the miles.

They are about something else entirely. They are about the feel of the night air against my skin. About the feel of the pavement under my feet. About the sound of my breathing in the quiet night air. About the feel of my lungs. About the strain of my muscles.

They are about feeling invisible. About being able to accomplish anything. They are about me. night.

At night I can fly.


  1. Yes...I agree about night running, because in Cincinnati it brings out HOT men!

  2. Running at night means that you feel like you are going faster than you really are, which is great for getting in a satisfying run without overworking yourself.

    We used to do 2am runs after trips to Notre Dame or Baldwin Wallace when I was in college. The route we'd run would be absolute crap during the day, but at night it was always a lot of fun.

  3. With this weather I just might have to try it. I often run late but not to much after dark.

  4. At night the world is smaller and quiet. The run is about the sensations of moist, cool air, moving muscles, and rhythmic, hypnotic breathing. Thoughts go inward and my run is more private, more mine. It is not about some training plan, or a future goal, or an accomplishment to tally. It is merely something to be savoured.

  5. great post
    The mom in me says that I hope you are wearing your reflective vest during all of this night running. ; )
    If you were in Atl, maybe I could pass you in the wee hours of the morning when I get up to do my run as I am a morning girl.

  6. wow. sounds like heaven. though i am way too scared to run at night, by myself, here in D.C. i can't even bring myself to run outside in the mornings during the week. 2 words: chandra levy

  7. Be careful running at night. Though I love the accidental, unplanned rare as they may happen.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. You are braver than me. Living in chicago I would never think about running at midnight. I did run at 4:30 AM when in St. Louis which in some people's world is midnight

  9. What a great feeling for you. I think b. moore is right about the 'seems like you're going faster in the dark;' but like you said: it's not about the speed or distance. It's the feel. That's worth everything.

  10. I'll have to try it. I don't think I've ever ran after dark in my life. My schedule is such that I might HAVE to do it next week.

    I did run in the dark twice at 5:00AM, I did love the solitude--didn't like leaving my warm bed!

  11. Me again, I liked your post about night running so much that I made it my June Challenge!